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Health Review

Health coaching first requires us to get to know you. There are dozens of factors which affect your health in your daily life, such as what you consume, stresses, and medications. We can identify negative contributors, which are things in your life that may be the cause of or leading towards future health problems. Each client is asked to fill out a questionnaire and food diary to help us have a better understanding of your lifestyle, environment, and health related goals.


Health Coaching & Education

Health Coaching is a one on one review of your unique health profile, and planning a tailored program to help you achieve your goals. We begin with education, because it's important to know how and why your body is affected before being able to understand how some simple changes or techniques may improve your overall health. The knowledge can help you stay on track and make life-long adjustments instead of only temporary results.

We make a plan together that will achieve your goals.  Depending on your goals this could be minor changes or drastic changes, but part of coaching is helping you stick with it, reminding you of your goals, and tracking your progress.  These goals may be made of smaller plans, such as diet planning, detox planning, and even cooking classes.

Diet Education & Planning

Diet planning is usually referred to when your goal is to lose or manage weight, but really most people could use guidance on their diet.  Many factors contribute to how your body reacts to various foods and portions. Diets aren't intended as a short term fix; the term diet is more about having an understanding about how food affects your body, mood, and overall health, and this differs from person to person.

If you have issues with weight, cholesterol, blood sugar, or have other restrictions, there is a plan that can work for you. We will give you the tools to make educated choices, have fun with dieting and not make it a chore, and keep in contact to guide you along the way.

Cooking Classes

Not knowing how to cook is a major cause of a poor diet.  Several past clients have admitted that the eat processed foods and go out to eat regularly because it's fast and it's easy, but when asking for more details they reveal it's really because they aren't great at cooking or planning meals.

A step to a healthier you may just require a little guidance in the kitchen. We're happy to teach you how to plan meals, prep, cook, and season. We can offer various recipes, based on your health goals, and teach you how to make something delicious and enjoyable. Proper preparation can also teach you how to make a fantastic (and often cheaper) meal in less time than it would take to go grab take-out.  Once you get the hang of things it can be a lot of fun to try various combinations and recipes.


Health Coaching - Cooking