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We have over a decade of study in Chinese Traditional Herbology, which has been practiced by Eastern Healers for thousands of years. Properly accessing how herbology could benefit you would take into account many aspects of your health, diet, medications, other supplements, and overall wellness. Working with a specialist in herbology will help you understand how much herbal supplements are appropriate, what mixtures, how they may affect you, what to look for as potential negative side effects. 

We offer:

Years of experience and understanding of how herbs can be used for health benefits
Knowledge of how to mix herbs to properly balance benefits
Education on how to gauge benefits
Education on how to stop potential allergic reactions early
Supplements, sourced from quality controlled sources

Herbology follows the basic rule that too much of anything is not good for you, which is why guidance is important, as well as obtaining supplements from sources that regulate and test their products, such as we offer. Herbs are notoriously difficult to regulate, which is why government acknowledgement and FDA approval will likely never be seen, but the U.S. has recognized herbology has practical benefits and began including it on government websites related to healthcare options over the last decade, such as the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (which is a good read for an overview of herbology), and National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH)

The internet is powerful for viral herbal “fads.” For those of you that may have read something on the internet of the healing power of such-and-such herbs, please do not buy into the fads; they may not be safe, or healthy, and just because herbal remedies are “natural,” that does not mean they can’t harm you. Some of that fads are beneficial, BUT you’ll want to be sure you’re taking an appropriate amount and that won’t conflict with medications or other supplements you are taking, so always talk to a professional before taking any supplements.

Some herbs are widely know, such as chamomile as a sleep aid or marijuana‘s many recent studies for various health benefits, but there are literally thousands of herbs in the world which have been documented for having positive influences on various parts of human wellness.