Olga Klein

Olga Klein

Certified Health Coach and Educator, MS

Olga Klein - Certified Health Coach and Educator, MS

My Story

"How it began"

Olga Klein was born in a sunny agricultural country in Europe called Moldavia. She grew up before many food-related modern conveniences: No specialized supermarkets or food warehouses, kitchens were without refrigerators or electronic gadgets, and everything was made from scratch. You might be surprised that back then you could visit a poor man’s house and he could feed you as a King. Neighbors all covered their property with diverse crops and herbs, and everyone lived off the land. Generations passed down important lessons, like take the time to plant one day and you will have food for the whole year, how to prepare delicious foods from what was available, and a variety of ways of how to store foods, preserves, and wines for when crops seasonally stop producing. This way of life became Olga's passion. As the world began to get smaller and business began to get bigger, she stayed focusing on healthy organic foods and diets, nutrition, and the human body, and wanted to teach others. Her passions ended up earning her Masters in both Biology and Education, as well as extensive knowledge of ancient Chinese herbology and aromatherapy, and her curiosity brought her to emigrate to the United States.


"The Cause"

During her years in the U.S., the food industry had taken leaps in mass production, filling the shelves of every food store in every town with perfect looking treats; making food bigger, more resistant to disease and infestation, last longer, and even look healthier, but at what cost? Foods are being altered genetically and with hormones, chemically treated to kill bacteria, livestock is fed and housed in unsanitary ways, toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers cover most of our fruits and vegetables, and ingredients are added that are unnatural or even toxic to the human body; all this to achieve an overabundance of cheaper food that won't go to waste as fast, but what is it doing to your body?


"The Company"

Olga started Green Shade Wellness to help people who are having health issues or are concerned of future health problems. Diet is a science, but not a science that can apply to the masses; there is so much that makes you unique, and in many cases what you eat may be the route cause of ailments, preventing recovery, or making a fight to lose weight a never ending battle.  Some simple changes in diet may improve things like memory, stamina, sleep, body aches, migraines, and even common symptoms of major diseases or infections. There are options to help you center your body, cleanse toxins, and stay on a healthy track which will offer you a higher quality of life. Olga's goal is to utilize her decades of knowledge and research to find what works best for you and your goals in life, lifestyle, and health.


With her European upbringing and then further educated here in America, Olga blends the best of the world's natural programs to provide you with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, bringing you closer to personal wellness you seek. Olga’s early studies focused on the human body and functions, combined with her later education and experience with natural healing methodologies, make her sessions unique, meaningful and helpful…

• Master’s degree in Biology Science and Teaching  (Moldova)
• University of New York – Health Coaching Certification
• The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) – Health Coaching Certification 
• I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist with extensive knowledge and experience in this field
• Over a decade of study in herbology, essential oils, and aromatherapy

Core values

Wisdom, Honor, Joy, Integrity

My 6’s Goals

Skillful, Strategic, Seasoned, Steadfast, Superior, Service


Olga Klein holds masters degrees in the science of biology and teaching
Certified from IIN and New York University
International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy Member Certified

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