Learn How to Cheat your Way to Health!

Learn How to Cheat your Way to Health!

April 9th, 2018

Monday, 6-7:30 PM

Join us at First Congregational Church of Vernon, UCC for a talk on how to cheat your way to health! The class is hosted by Holistic Moms Network East of the River. We will learn about detoxing and will make some essential Oil Blends - special bulk prices at this event are 1 bottle for $10 or 3 bottles for $20!

Our Speakers:

  • Connie from Cleanmycolon.com
  • Olga from Greenshadewellness.com
  • Bryn Chandler, Certified in Essential Oils

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Discussing: Detoxing, Digestive Health & Seasonal  Allergies
Many think of digestive issues causing minor things, such as stomach pains and discomforts, but problems with digestive health have been linked to serious issues throughout a person’s body.

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