Time for Colon Cleansing Salad

Time for Colon Cleansing Salad

Have you ever caught yourself looking for something and then later find it right in front of your eyes?  This also happens to many of us, when we are looking for Colon Cleansing tools.

How many times do we go to local farms and see root vegetables: beets, carrots, turnips, sunchokes, and black radishes…  but have no idea how good those roots are for our Colons’ health? In the fall, nature moves nutrients from green tops into the ground to save them from frost for the next season. Those roots are superfoods and are packed with nutrients for our health. They give us a lot of beneficial fiber, which most of us are very deficient in, and a great taste at the same time.


Let me share with you my favorite recipe for Colon Cleansing Salad.

First, shred fresh:

1 small red beet

1 small or medium carrot

1 green organic apple

4 Jerusalem artichokes or sunchokes

1 bunch of winter cress

1-2 Tbsp of any favorite sprouts


Then, mix it all together and add 2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar or lemon juice (or as much as you like), and a pinch of Himalayan salt with Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil or UDO’s oils blend.

If the raw version is not for you, you can sautée all shredded veggies for 4-6 min in the frying pan with 3 spoons of water. Once it is sautéed, add the Apple Cider Vinegar or lemon juice and oils.

My clients say:

That taste is great” 

I love it and it works…”


Let’s look why it works.

Beetroot on wooden background

Beets lubricate intestines, help liver to release bile, stimulate peristalsis of the digestive tract, and decrease inflammation not only in the GI, but in the brain too. In Siberian folklore, beets are called “sweepers”, because they sweep out of you everything you do not need.


One colonic client said to me:

Your beet salad saved my life, because I was so constipated after my medication - but then I remembered your words about beets and it helped… since then I eat them during my cleansing time.”

Carrots are another treasure full of vitamins, building immunity, stimulating digestion & the liver, supporting cardio-vascular system, the lungs, and even the function of the eyes.

Jerusalem artichokes are an excellent source of potassium, and contain inulin, a prebiotic, which helps to colonize beneficial bacteria in the large intestine. If you’ve never had artichokes, just peel and eat - they are very tasty! Due to low glycemic Index J., artichokes are a healthy food choice for type 2 Diabetics.

Watercress was one of Hippocrates’ favorite herbs. He built his hospital by the river, where there was a bounty of that blood-cleansing and anti-inflammatory herb, packed with vitamins C and K.

With one stop at the local health food store, you could eat foods that are in-season, alkalizing your body with root vegetables, and be in tune with nature. This is the time of the year to say thanks for all we have experienced this year - and it is also a good time to cleanse with natural Colon cleansing tools.

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From desk of Olga Klein  (860) 817-0508
Health Educator and Coach
Certified Colon Hydrotherapist.


Colon Cleansing Salad

Shred fresh:

1 small red beet

1 small or medium carrot

1 green organic apple

4 Jerusalem artichokes

1 bunch of winter cress

1 spoon any favorite sprouts


Add Apple Cider Vinegar or lemon/lime juice and salt with Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil or UDO’s oils blend.