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My practice is to learn how your lifestyle affects your body, then adjust for improvements.
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Learn how to diet and cleanse properly to balance your body and have lasting effects.
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Welcome to Green Shade Wellness

Working to improve overall health for individuals and families

Green Shade Wellness was started from a passion to help people better understand their bodies and how various factors are contributing to overall health, including your mind, body, energy, and resistance to or recovery from negative health situations. We are now available in two convenient location to serve the greater Hartford area: West Hartford & Manchester. Although we typically have structured office hours, please contact us if you have special circumstances and we will do our best to cater to your available hours or location restrictions.

Understanding what makes up your health

Our clients have varying reasons for visiting, be it dietary needs, current health conditions, discomfort, family health concerns, or just simple guidance. Every person is unique, and although we wish there was some perfect answer to cover all health concerns, your health is based on you, your lifestyle, your diet, and stresses in your everyday life. We have each client fill out a lengthy questionnaire which can help us understand you more as an individual, and we can then analyze what factors may be contributing to lowering your overall health. We also suggest doing a food diary for a few weeks to track and review your eating and drinking habits. pdf_icon Download : In-take Questionnaire | Food Diary

So many factors affect your overall health, so we need to learn about you to best understand how these factors contribute to negative health aspects in your life.

Green Shade Wellness - Health Plan
Make a Plan

Once we know your "why" for visiting us, we can discuss options for helping to reach your goal. First we'll offer insight about your lifestyle analysis and how things are potentially affecting you. We then discuss tailored options and make a plan to achieve your health goals, and can follow up coaching you through your journey. We offer additional services that may assist in reaching your goals, and are experts in herbology and aromatherapy, as well as colon hydrotherapy which may help quickly return balance to your digestive system and improve your overall health on many levels. My goal is to improve your health, reduce your stress, improve your memory, increase your stamina, and expand your knowledge, while focusing on reaching your primary goals.

Our Services

We now have offices located in West Hartford & Manchester, CT. Colon hydrotherapy is only available at the Manchester location.

See what others have to say...

After an attack of diverticulitis, I was very sick; because of Olga's guidance, she had me without pain after the first week, and in a month the doctor cleared my prognosis. 8 years later I have no symptoms. Sandy B.

- Feb 24, 2017

In casual conversation, Olga will always have tips about so many things: Natural bug repellents, cold remedies, muscles ache soothing, diet options. I always leave with more knowledge than expected. Brian K.

- June 10, 2017

Olga had some fantastic health tips during my pregnancy.  I suffered from severe heartburn and other common labor related ailments, and Olga's advice greatly helped my comfort levels. Jayme S.

- May 10, 2017

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