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Welcome to Green Shade Wellness

Teaching small life changes that make controlling your health and weight easy.

The world has changed in so many ways, and our diets and lifestyles have had significant changes that are often overlooked in the process. Green Shade Wellness is here to review your lifestyle, bring some habits to light that may be causing you health issues, discomfort, or stress, and work with you to set a path towards a healthier you. We are now in two convenient locations, serving the Greater Hartford area, and we offer services in:

  • Health Coaching and Education
  • Aromatherapy
  • Chinese Herbology
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Cooking for healthy eating

Our services are considered complementary to modern medicine, and many new clients have current health conditions that are an immediate concern. Having a healthy lifestyle can improve immunity, increase energy and stamina, and allow your body to take care of itself, which is a great step in improving current health conditions. Herbology and aromatherapy can improve factors that may be contributing to stress and other discomforts.

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We've studied valid alternative health practices from around the world.

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See what others have to say…

After an attack of diverticulitis, I was very sick; because of Olga’s guidance, she had me without pain after the first week, and in a month the doctor cleared my prognosis. 8 years later I have no symptoms.

Sandy B.

- Feb 24, 2017

In casual conversation, Olga will always have tips about so many things: Natural bug repellents, cold remedies, muscles ache soothing, diet options. I always leave with more knowledge than expected. Brian K.

- June 10, 2017

Olga had some fantastic health tips during my pregnancy.  I suffered from severe heartburn and other common labor related ailments, and Olga’s advice greatly helped my comfort levels. Jayme S.

- May 10, 2017

How we can help...

We offer a wide range of natural services which can allow you to align your health and mind.

We now offer services in two convenient locations: Manchester and West Hartford, Connecticut.

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